Japanese Girl w/ Blue Hair & Tabi Boots in Harajuku

We photographed this stylish and cute Japanese girl named Mikki – with blue hair – in Harajuku. Her look includes her awesome hair color, which is complemented by the blue shirt that she has tied around her head, a blue knit scarf, a blue denim jacket, a knit sweater with long sleeves that looks like arm warmers, high-waisted pants with a naval themed print, and traditional Japanese tabi (split toe) boots by Martin Margiela.

Her bags are just as cool as her outfit. One is a leopard (plush leopard animal, not leopard print) handbag with a jeweled collar. The other is a large eco bag that looks like it’s been hand painted with artwork and the word “KISS”. She’s also carrying an iPhone or iPod Touch. She didn’t tell us what brands she’s wearing, but she was very nice!

Tabi Boots in Harajuku

Denim Jacket Japanese Girl

Cute Leopard Handbag

Hand Painted Handbag in Harajuku

Blue Hair in Harajuku

Pretty Japanese Girl With Blue Hair

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  1. Limbu_chic

    i like the boots…the eco bag is awesome…go green!!

  2. maru maru san

    I love her hair and her bags. They’re so cute!

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  4. I have a thing for BLUE.
    I also don’t know butu is she wearing “Camel toe” boots?
    I think if she was fighting zombies, she’ld STILL be cool!

    :-{ < They make those? )