Martin Margiela Tabi Boots & Blue Hair in Harajuku

This cute and funky blue-haired 18-year-old Japanese girl named Mikki was photographed in Harajuku. You might remember, this is the second time we’ve run into Mikki on the streets of Tokyo. Today’s outfit consists almost completely of items that she picked up at vintage and resale shops as well as flea markets. She’s wearing a shiny black jacket that features cutout and mesh elements, a torn shirt over a colorful top of some sort, Tackla ice hockey pants with bold graphics, and her fantastic Martin Margiela tabi boots. Accessories include a vintage purse worn on her back, black material tied into a bow around her short blue hairstyle, and an iPhone.

Mikki said that her favorite fashion brands/designers include Nozomi Ishiguro, Martin Margiela and Alexander Wang. As far as music, she likes DJ Shadow.

Cool Harajuku Street Fashion

Shiny Black Jacket in Harajuku

Blue Hair & Hair Bow

Vintage Black Purse

Martin Margiela Tabi Boots

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  1. If she was a race car I’d bet on her.
    Very nice and different…
    Love the blue hair.

  2. She is my favorite girl i’ve seen on this site so far. Her style is so admirably effortless.