Japanese Girl With Braids & Fedora Hat

This stylish Japanese girl was photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. She has long braids in her hair under a black fedora hat. She’s also wearing a black shredded scarf over a white long sleeve top, black shiny pants, and red heels. Her necklace and bracelet are made of matching large shiny silver balls, and her red nail polish matches her shoes. She’s also carrying a black shiny handbag.

Japanese Girl in Braids

Click the photo to see it bigger.

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  1. every thing is just perfect!!!!!!)))))))))))))good taste)))^_~

  2. yea yea i love the whole thing evern her hair looks awesome like that

  3. OH GOD! She looks messy! Definitely didn’t like her look!

  4. Hate to break it to you “RedRose”, but she has serious style. You probably wear a burlap sack around town.

  5. Miss_Smartypants

    I am caribbean american and have the same braids. So cool to see japanese women rocking an afrocentric look. :) She looks very hip. I was wondering if my braids would fit under a fedora hat. Now I know!