Japanese Girl with Il Bisonte Leather in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese girl was photographed in Harajuku. She’s combined a gauzy tiered skirt with a striped knit top and a cute straw hat. Her accessories include a fresh-looking bag, brown boots and a leather watch from Italian leather retailer Il Bisonte. She’s also wearing a cool leather belt and green dangling earrings.

When we asked her about her favorite music, she said she likes A Hundred Birds.
Japanese Girl with Il Bisonte Leather in Harajuku

Striped shirt, dangling earrings & straw hat

Il Bisonte leather bag with dots and flowers

Gauzy skirt and Il Bisonte leather boots

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  1. aw, this outfit + the girl is cute (: nice to see a smile, too.

  2. ikitamura

    the look is awesome, such a cute bag, want it want it so want it ^^

  3. PenguinSnuggles

    I love the lacy/French white skirt with those boots. I’ve been itching for a while to get a great pair of brown knee high boots.

  4. Monica Quentine

    love it!!
    her outfit is simple but its fit on her!
    love love~!