Japanese Girls in Black vs. White Fashion in Harajuku

These two Japanese high school students – one dressed in an all black outfit and other in all white – were photographed in Harajuku. The girl in the black outfit is wearing a fuzzy hat, a flowing coat with a fur color from E-Hyphen World, several other black layered tops, black tights, and black high top sneakers. She’s carrying a black handbag, and she has a large green stuffed bear and a pink coin purse attached to that bag. She told us that some parts of her outfit came from resale/vintage stores, and that her favorite fashion brands/shops include Nadia, G2?, and Kinji.

The girl in white’s top consists of many layers, including some with knit, some with lace, and some with pleats. She said that two of the tops came from Wonder Rocket and Cream (we’re not sure which ones). She’s also wearing a long skirt with brown boots and carrying a Dean and Deluca bag. She said that her favorite shops/brands include Wonder Rocket, Crisp, and Flower.

When we asked the girls about music, the girl in black said that she likes Plastic Tree and merry, and the girl in white said she likes locofrank, dustbox and Good4Nothing.

Layered Japanese Fashion

Furry Hat & Fur Collar

Japanese Girl in Layered Fashion

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  1. love the styling on these looks. usually monochromatic harajuku fashion is in the lolita genre, so its refreshing to see someone put a spin on that. also, i love how the top(s) of the white girl (lol) are fitted right under her bust, so the clothes don’t overwhelm her. if they weren’t, she’d look like she was drowning in white. also love how neither of them went completely black or white, with the grey collar and the beige skirt with white trim. fantastic outfits, inspiring.

  2. Lady Caos

    Black girl has good music taste ;) and I love her look (and how she added those two pink accessories…)

  3. I love both their looks!! The girl dressed in black has good taste in music. (*^▽^*)

  4. jesika lin

    i love the dramatic blush and the fur hat on the girl in black.

  5. i love her style and her taste in music~~ PLASTIC TREE WOOT.
    her rings are pretty awesome :D

  6. *above
    i meant the one in black
    also the one in white, i like how she layered her outfit just right, each layer complementing the other, none overwhelming

  7. I love the black one and the white one too :) People in Harajuku are just amazing!