This cute girl who has perfectly coordinated black, white and shades of red is 20-year-old Mitsu. Her outfit includes a dress from Chicago (the Harajuku used/resale shop) in a retro print with a white rounded collar. A wide black belt coordinates with black rocking horse shoes with ankle straps that she bought in Harajuku. Maroon tights tie everything together without being too matchy-matchy.

Accessories include a handmade tassel necklace, a red umbrella and a red cross pin. Her handmade purse features a plush red Japanese rising sun image and a smaller black rising sun with a red frog.

Mitsu’s nails are decorated with red and white designs. Jewelry includes a red bangle, leather wristband and metal stud bracelet.

When we asked Mitsu about her favorite music she told us she likes Music Plastic Tree and cali≠gari. You can find out more about Mitsu on Twitter.

Chicago resale dress w/ wide black belt

Tassel necklace & red cross pin

Handmade plush rising sun purse

Decorated nails, red bangle & metal stud bracelet

Maroon tights & rocking horse shoes

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  1. The red and white polka dot nail polish design adds a nice finishing touch to the ‘look’, and is a great contrast to the red and white striped handbag!

  2. We’ve seen this girl before! I remember her handmade bag :-)

  3. Gruftine

    Hey, can somebody tell me from which label are that shoes!?!? I have seen them so many times before but I don´t know how to get them! :-/

  4. Gruftine – Mitsu didn’t tell us where she bought the shoes other than “Harajuku”. I would guess that they could be from the Japanese brand Body Line, as that is the most common brand of rocking horse shoes that we see in Harajuku that aren’t from Vivienne Westwood. This is the Body Line website:

  5. Unbelievable! Can’t decide which is best — the shoes or the nails or the purse? The whole look is great! Bold in a completely wearable way! With a twist of cute, of course! Tokyo fashion is UNPARALLELED!

  6. wow love everythign about her…from her hair to her nail paints to her tights to her shoes…the colours and detailing…great style!!!

  7. Gruftine

    Thank you very much @ Tokyo! I will check it!

  8. Dreaded Queen

    Ok I see how she went hard and showed how Japan represents. She is rockin those horse shoes, curtain dangle necklace, rising sun purse and has it all meshing together beautifully .

  9. I like her style very much <3 The dress, the shoes, the nails, everything goes perfectly together and makes her style really personal.