Japanese Girls w/ Tassel Necklace & Cute Buttons

These friendly & smiley Japanese girls are 20-year-old students who are showing their individual style in Harajuku. On the right is Michimichi who is wearing a cap and Muji jacket. Her long striped cotton skirt is from a shop in Hachioji and her laceup boots are from Hanjiro. She’s wearing one of the large tassel necklaces that have been popular this year (and last fall) in Tokyo. Her big blue bag is from Shuka. Michimichi’s favorite shops are Santa Monica and Hakui and she likes the music of DA PUMP.

The cute girl on the left with short red hair is Ayaka. She’s wearing layered tops from Uniqlo, Kinji and Chicago. Her yellow and white striped shorts are by Panama Boy and look great with blue tights and Laugh canvas shoes. Her silver backpack is from Outdoor Products. Her vest with buttons in a variety of sizes and colors is from Bunkaya Zakkaten. Akiba48 and Tohoshinki are her favorite musical groups and her favorite shops are Panama Boy and Chicago.

Panama Boy shorts, Muji jacket and Cap

Red blazer and cute buttoned vest

Silver Outdoor Products backpack

Button Vest from Bunkaya Zakkaten

Cap and tassel necklace

Big blue Shuka bag

Hanjiro boots and long cotton skirt

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  1. Lovely buttons!

    I wish you’d told us which university they’re at: United Nations University? Aoyama Gakuin University? Somewhere else? Most of the students I meet these days have exam worries. Not these girls, seemingly!