Japanese Creator in Gothic Harajuku Street Style w/ Doll Makeup, Face Jewels, Sheer Veil & Elephant Backpack

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street is Millna, the creator of Japanese fashion label Cold Sleep, wearing a gothic street style and striking jeweled face makeup.

The Japanese fashion creator is dressed in a black sheath dress, which features 3/4 length sleeves and a wide white pointed collar. Light grey wool socks, imported red suede slippers with floral embroidery, and a vintage elephant plushie backpack completed her outfit. Millna’s accessories – some imported, some from her own brand, Cold Sleep – consists of a sheer black veil headpiece with embroidered and jeweled hem, a beaded necklace with a flower patch pendant, and a gold chain harem bracelet with encrusted gemstones. She finished off her look with light colored contacts, and a gorgeous doll-like makeup with jeweled eyebrows.

Yves Saint Laurent is Millna’s favorite fashion brand, and she likes the music of Japanese visual kei rock band, Malice Mizer. For Millna’s social media updates, follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Also, visit her official site.

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