Japanese Guy in Banal Chic Bizarre High Heel Boots

This fashionable 19-year-old Japanese student was photographed on Meiji Dori in Harajuku. The focal point of his outfit is the color red – seen in his distressed Nozomi Ishiguro sleeveless top (purchased at Destination), his Banal Chic Bizarre high heel boots (purchased at ADD Nagano), and even his hair color.

Besides the red items, his outfit consists of skinny jeans from Cheap Monday (purchased at Rone), a denim remake handbag by Vinti Andrews (purchased at Heathen), and accessories from the brand Sabre. He told us that his favorite fashion brand is Vinti Andrews, his favorite shop is Heathen by Midwest, and his favorite band right now is Two Door Cinema Club.

As as side note, the high heel Banal Chic Bizarre boots he’s wearing are one of the brand’s most iconic items. Whenever you see those boots on the streets of Tokyo, you immediately think of Banal Chic Bizarre.

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Note: This update is from a series of street snaps that were taken in the summer for a print magazine. The magazine didn’t need all of the photos, so we are running the remaining snaps here on Tokyo Fashion. Some of the styles may be more Summer than Fall, but they have never been seen before and we didn’t want them to go unpublished.

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  1. That tank makes me want to do some DIY real bad.

    Thank goodness for the note. I was wondering why he would wear short sleeves so close to the coldest time of the year.

  2. I love all the drapes this guy is doing, it’s very comfy and very hippieish looking! I like everything about his outfit, except the shoes…..if they were more of a flat shoe they would be way better looking. Something about seenig a man wear high heeled shoes makes me think womanly…..but I loved the pattern on the shoes, very cool and they’d be awesome for him if they didn’t have the heels.

  3. dang, this is just awesomness. XD his shirt rox n his high heels-waa, i just love it. :D ♥ haha, n his pants r awesome too(:
    also…the guy in the background looks SUPAH hot. lol.

  4. He reminds me of a mixture of taeyang and GD :)! He’s cool :) ( love his boots)

  5. i like his trousers, but rest of his stuff is far too much destressed as for my taste…

  6. look at the first picture and the background…omg <3

  7. Wow, this is so cool! I love everything about it!