Meet Enoki Yuta, an 18-year-old Japanese specialty school student. Even in Harajuku, we don’t see too many guys with purple hair and rocking horse shoes. So, it wasn’t a hard decision to approach Yuta and ask if we could take some pictures.

Yuta is wearing a black mesh hoodie that he bought resale, over a decorated t-shirt that he hand made, colorful (ethnic print?) cropped/rolled pants that he received as a gift, purple socks, and Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes. Accessories include large round glasses, several buttons (including one that says “Maguro Girl”), a large Vivienne Westwood belt buckle, a vintage bracelet, an Andy Warhol watch, and several rings (the ones on his right hand are handmade, the one on his left hand is from Aquvii). His bag – with cloth attached to it in a cross patterns and several charms – is handmade.

Yuta told us that his favorite fashion brands are Vivienne Westwood and Nozomi Ishiguro.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.


  1. I LOVE his haircolor… used to have purple hair but never reached such a nice colour as he have… kinda jealous xD

  2. Yuki-Chan

    Wow what a beautiful guy! D: I love his mesh hoodie and belt buckle o:

  3. he got the balls, and i LOVE IT! the entirely outfit and the purple hair! this is great!

  4. He is sooo CUTE~ i LOVE his purple hair so AWesome~!

  5. YAY!! you did stop the guy near the store stay real!!! and the look he has is amazing!!! (once again) XD

  6. He has really nice skin ^-^
    I wish someone would give me those pants a present too.

  7. I haven’t seen this! he has style!! everything is great…just he should smile a little :)

  8. I wish I could describe the face I just made.
    I love everything.

  9. he is so beatiful *o* also pissed of …. LOL
    loved that haır or wig ?<3 exept shoes ı loved everything :0<3 esp panths…

  10. I cannot identify he is a guy until I saw his legs!!!
    He’s so cute or …beautiful!!
    Perfect match of everything. love his hair colour and the pants~~~

  11. nantochan

    love the simple zigzag ring on his left hand.

  12. This guy is my hero. Resale clothes and handmade clothes. That’s the way to rock it!