Japanese Hadouken! Fan in Mori Girl Style Fashion

This 16-year-old Japanese high school student was photographed in Harajuku. She told us that her entire outfit – which consists of an interesting hat, fur ear muffs, a knit shawl, a coat, a long flowing dress, untold other layers, and boots – came from various vintage and resale shops in Tokyo. Besides the boots, her entire layered outfit consists of the soft natural colors often associated with either the Mori Girl style or Yuru-Nachu. When we asked her about music, she said that her favorite band is Hadouken!

Mori Girl Style in Harajuku

Knit Shawl & Ear Muffs

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  1. the first mori style I actually thought, “it looks good!” Love the hat and the only bad thing is her backpack ^^

  2. She has a really charming style and a very cute face to match it. *nod*

  3. tokyosista

    what does “grandma chic” mean????…lol. I like how she coordinated all the layers. I kind of wish she could have used a bit more darker browns or something cause it has a bit too much off white colors going on. She’s so pretty too.

  4. offense but there’s not alot of cute japanese girls, but she is!! plus her style is cute!! juss a little bit too much beige

  5. I have seen such odd combinations of clothes at medieval and 16 century paintings…gosh…time flies but poeple still dress odd…this hat is horrific…such a pity as girl is cute…