Japanese Lolitas in Alice & The Pirates w/ h.Naoto Blood & Milk Harajuku Bags

Here are two friendly 17-year-old Japanese lolitas that we met on the street in Harajuku. On the left, dressed in green with a flower-adorned bonnet, is Rose. On the right, dressed in blue with a heart-shaped handbag, is Satomi.

Rose is wearing a pretty green Rapunzel-themed dress (JSK) with bows and lace from Alice and the Pirates over an Innocent World blouse, stockings, and Queen Bee boots. Accessories – some of which are handmade & others from Baby The Stars Shine Bright – include her striking bonnet (BTSSB), a Baby crown necklace, a cross necklace, a tassel belt, and multiple vintage/costume style rings (including one that looks like an old mirror). Her large leather handbag is from h.Naoto Blood.

Rose told us that her favorite bands include Linkin Park and Ali Project. If you’d like to know more about her, and see additional pictures of her fashion and daily life, check out Rose’s personal blog.

Satomi – with her cute bow-decorated twintails hairstyle – is wearing a blue Alice and the Pirates jumper skirt/dress with a black blouse, Alice and the Pirates tights, and cute Mary Janes. Her heart handbag is from the famous Harajuku brand Milk.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Ah lovely!!! My favorite fashion from Japan, I love when Lolitas show up on here.
    These girls look so elegant and beautiful :)

  2. I’m loving everything Rose is wearing, her rings and hair clips are awesome, but that Rapunzel dress!!! <3 <3 OMG.

  3. I always love to see lolitas on here! Innocent World is by far my favorite brand!

  4. Girl on the left has “a la russe” style. :)

  5. Long time no see such classic lolitas here, but it’s absolutely a pleasure! I especially love the green outfit cause it’s my favourite colour!

  6. They are both Absolutely beautiful, in every detail they include all the tradition of their ancestors geishas but in a very modern and colours flowers way!