Japanese Model’s Leopard Creepers & Memento Studded Backpack

Here’s a stylish 22-year-old Japanese model named Yuuki who we met in Harajuku.

Yuuki is wearing a outfit that features a long black Discovered jacket over a knit top, skinny black jeans, and leopard print creepers which are a collaboration between the Japanese fashion brand Discovered and the British footwear brand Underground. Yuuki’s large black studded backpack is from Memento.

When we asked Yuuki about music, he told us that he enjoys listening to K-Pop.

Click on any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Oh! he looks cool! Kinda like the Milkboy DJ 2BOY….he’s kinda got that vibe. Is he standing a little funny or is that just his pants just doing its own thing? Nice backpack, subtle details are cool. I appreciate his appreciation for Kpop.

  2. Love his hair and backpack the most!! Overall, super cool!

  3. * ___ * That vending machine ~
    Aha, more importantly:
    Backpack, Sweater, Shoes, & Hair are explosive ~ ! !