Tokyo street fashion photo of a Japanese punk guy out in front of Harajuku Station.

This Japanese punker guy has a pink and black Mohawk (known in Japan as a Mohican hairstyle) and is wearing a very old school punk outfit. He’s wearing a leather studded vest covered in punk pins over a black print t-shirt, along with a studded bracelet, studded belt, cuffed jeans, and combat boots. His arms have numerous tattoos on them, at least one of which appears to be a manga (cartoon) character. We appreciate that he was nice enough to pose for our photo.

Harajuku Station Punk

You can see a bigger version of this picture by clicking on the image above.


  1. The upper tattoo is Arale Norimaki, from Dr. Slump, and the one next to his hand is Son Goku, from Dragon Ball, both by Akira Toriyama, himself represented in the middle tattoo. Loved it!

  2. I like the cuffed jeans and boots, but on top I think he’s trying a bit too hard. Oh well, if the studded buttoned zippered leather vest fits… ;)