Japanese DJ w/ Rob Zombie T-Shirt, Long Hair, Beret & Silver Jewelry

Uraguchi Nyugaku is a Japanese DJ (his next event is on October 27th and includes a member of Skinny Puppy) who we met on the street in Harajuku. You might remember him as the silver fanged male model in our recent Fangophilia photo shoot.

His outfit features a Rob Zombie Halloween 2010 t-shirt with skinny black jeans and Dr. Martens shoes. Accessories include a leather beret, a studded waist bag, a chain wallet, a silver ring from Roroji on his right hand, an armor ring, a silver chain bracelet, and a silver ring from Galvanic on his left hand. Her told us that his favorite musician is Rob Zombie and that you can find him on Twitter as UraguchiNyugaku!

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  1. You know someone has style & attitude to spare when they can wear what is, essentially, a fanny-pak, & still look that sexy!

  2. woooo nice guy your clothes. not to mention that black will always be my favorite color, I love it.