Japanese School Uniform x Fairy Kei Style Mix in Harajuku

This is Maririn, a friendly 16-year-old Japanese student who we met in Harajuku. The purples and pastels of her look are a color palette we commonly see worn by Harajuku’s fairy kei girls.

Maririn outfit features a layered school uniform-inspired top that she purchased at Conomi. (Conomi is a popular store just off Takeshita Dori in Harajuku that specializes in Japanese school uniforms in a wide variety of styles and colors.) And, keeping with the school uniform’s theme, the pleated plaid skirt that Maririn is wearing is her school uniform skirt. Along with the uniform items, she’s wearing pink over-the-knee socks with candy hearts and pink Reebok sneakers she purchased at ABC Mart. Her accessories – from Spank!, 6%DOKIDOKI & Angelic Pretty – include a hair clip, purple glasses, a bow tie, a necklace, a Care Bear pinned to her top, and many cute rings, bracelets, and buttons. She said she purchased her My Little Pony backpack at a shop in Koenji.

When we asked Maririn about what she likes, she told us her favorite shop/brand is Spank! and her favorite bands include Urbangarde and the Hello Project group C-ute.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She matched everything so well. She’s so cute♥ I like how she used a school uniform theme and added her own style to it.

  2. DeviousShadow

    You should share the picture of her “I [heart] spank!” button with Engrish.

  3. Crystal Thérèse

    Hello childhood~ haha. She is so damn cute. I want that button.

  4. i notice the kids,,,aha^^,,
    shes 16?i thought shes older,,^^

  5. Shes beautiful =) & indeed, verrryyy stylish. xx

  6. cool!!!!kawaiii!!I want visit japan.私は日本を訪問したい。

  7. She reminds me of my Uncle’s daughter Mayo, even though she isn’t even 16 yet (: