Japanese Shironuri Artist Minori on the Street in Harajuku At Night

Minori is a well-known personality around the streets of Harajuku. Her amazing shiro-nuri looks are regularly featured in magazines, on Japanese television (here’s a clip with her and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu), and on her own website. We also created an exclusive photoshoot and video with Minori last year!

Minori’s outfits are created from her own imagination and put together with items that she makes (or re-makes) along with vintage and found pieces. When we ran into her in Harajuku this time, she was wearing a long pleated skirt with lots of textures and layering in her outfit. Check out the pics below and see for yourself.

In addition to her own website, Minori is active on Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook!

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  1. RainbowYoshix3

    I always love seeing Minori’s fashion! <3