“Her Memories of a Dream” featuring Minori

Posted on 19 Dec. 2012


Model: Minori
Photographer: Kira
Fashion, Hair & Makeup: Minori
Concept: Minori
Extra: Minori Video Interview


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  1. wow, absolutely stunning!, Great work to all involved. From MUA, to Hair To photographer to Set to Minori. Bravo Bravo. Outstanding in every way :) Such passion displayed in your work. Breath taking in every way. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Such joy you have left with us.

  2. These pictures are really beautiful, you’re great!!
    I love the colours! :)

  3. I’m speechless! What to say in front of such beauty! It’s hard to believe she’s human lol… Minori is a very talented person…

  4. OMG! This work is SO inspirational! Absolutely Beautiful Work!

  5. Barry Rienks

    I was moved by your works of art and fashion. Minori I have never seen anyone come close to your style either. They have tried Shironuri but failed it seems. You have perfected it @.@ I am looking forward to seeing more of it in the future !!

  6. Animeguru716

    I love Minori so much. She can do no wrong with her outfits in my eyes. I follow her and this website on my Instagram and I love seeing her pictures.Since I plan on going to Japan in few years I hope to meet her on the street. If I do I would so take a picture with her and then of her.

  7. Sara O Bravo

    congratulations lovely clothes, awesome pictures, lots of imagination