Japanese Steampunk Fashion w/ Atelier Boz & Garuktone in Harajuku

Hisahiro is a friendly guy we met on the street in Harajuku. His steampunk-meets-gothic style caught our eye right away.

Hisahiro is wearing a long black Atelier Boz coat over an Atelier Boz top with dark pants and Black Peace Now boots. Accessories – some of which came from Poorman’s Gold Label, Garuktone, and Hatohiro Mikami – include a top hat with a spiderweb masquerade mask, a feather earring, a leather harness, several leather armor rings, a brass steampunk ring with gears, a cane with a carved rabbit head handle, and a Black Peace Now briefcase.

Hisahiro told us that his favorite fashion brand is Atelier Boz and he enjoys the music of ALI Project. For more information, find him on Twitter as The_Goth_Man.

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  1. Omg
    Super cool&loved it
    All details are mind blowing!

  2. Anonymous

    omg I just wanna marry him he is so perfect!!! *-*

  3. awesome wardrobe!!!!!!! i would love it if my boyfriend done that lol