Jeremy Scott Jacket & Macromauro Bag in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese girl and guy were photographed on the street in Harajuku. The girl with the cute bob hairstyle is wearing a black jacket with a fur-lined hood, short shorts, black leggings, and boots. Her large bag is by Emanuel Ungaro. The guy is wearing a Jeremy Scott Pump and Circumstance jacket, skinny black jeans, and Nike Air Force One sneakers. His accessories include a Vivienne Westwood earring and a cool Macromauro backpack.

Harajuku Street Fashion

Cute Japanese Short Hairstyle

Japanese Bob Hairstyle

Jeremy Scott Pump & Circumstance Jacket

Vivienne Westwood Earring

Macromauro Backpack

Boots & Nike Air Force One Sneakers

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  1. cute girl! so petite and cute! i love everything she’s wearing.

  2. Ah! The guy has a Nana (anime/manga) earring on! They’re so lucky they have access to such neat clothing out there. The gas pipe/nozzle jacket is definitely… unique :P An interesting concept.

  3. that is not a Nana earring, it’s Vivienne Westwood – however, many characters in Nana do wear this brand.

    the girl is so tiny in comparison to the guy x3;