Jeremy Scott x Adidas Artillery Sneakers in Harajuku

This Japanese girl with cool makeup and a great black bob hairstyle was photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. Her outfit is simple, but it totally works. She’s wearing Jeremy Scott x Adidas Artillery Hi sneakers in the green / black / snakeskin colorway. She’s also wearing a patterned dress over a black shirt and black stockings. Her purse choice is a black leather shoulder bag.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Artillery

Cool Japanese Bob Hairstyle

Click the top picture to blow it up.

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  1. My Missing Prince

    Loving her style. It’s simple, but she’s rocking the look with those sneakers!

  2. Hroshi Tracy

    From Yokohama Japan.

    Bob is typical hairstyle of school girl or little girl in old age. Showa era.

    Bob is called “O-KAPPA”.

    KAPPA is water [river] sprite.

    See image.

    So, she looks like kindergarten kid. Funny.

    You know , funny means coll in japan,

  3. really cutee…
    dice q menos es mas no?
    simply idea..