Jeremy Scott x Adidas vs. Jeffrey Campbell Buckles

This cool Japanese couple is Masayoshi (left), a 20-year-old student and DJ, and Mami (right), a 19-year-old freelancer. Masayoshi is wearing a black graphic t-shirt and silver satin jacket from a resale shop. His black pants are the dropped crotch (sarueru) style. His black hat from Hysteric Glamour features silver spikes and eyelets on the bill.

Masayoshi’s eye-catching triple-tongue shoes are Jeremy Scott for Adidas. His backpack is from Ortlieb. He has a sign displayed with text that seems like it might be from a graphic novel, or maybe it’s his personal message. He also has some cool jewelry, including a silver cuff and silver-studded wristband. He’s wearing one black fingerless glove.

On the right, Mami has a cute blond bob haircut. Her black satin jacket is from Phenomenon and her black t-shirt is from Giza. She’s wearing black and white spandex leggings from Uniqlo that she customized. Mami’s black Jeffrey Campbell wedge shoes with lots of buckles are similar to another pair we’ve recently seen from Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

Mami’s accessories include headphones from WESC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy).

Since he’s a DJ, Masayoshi’s favorite brands are Audio Technica and Pioneer. His favorite music is underground and hip hop. Mami’s favorite brand is Adidas Original and she likes listening to De De Mouse.
Guy with Jeremy Scott x Adidas and girl with Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

Silver satin jacket & Hysteric Glamour hat

Black glove & silver stud wristband

Silver cuff & ring

Ortlieb backpack with a message

Hysteric Glamour hat with silver spikes on bill

Triple tonge Jeremy Scott x Adidas shoes

Blonde bob & Giza t-shirt

WESC headphones (We are the Superlative Conspiracy)

Jeffrey Campbell wedge shoes with buckles

Jacket from Phenomenon

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  1. NICE. these two really know how to dress, and they compliment each other well. the girl’s outfit is so great. * A *

  2. His jacket is amazing! Is it resale or vintage? It fits so well with what he’s wearing..Would have never guessed it to be ふるぎ。

  3. Her headphones are so amazing!!
    I really like their outfits :)

  4. Their outfits go so well with eachother.
    I especially love her shoes and, his accessories. :3

  5. Ummm totally not my thing but I like his pants and her headphones. Adn I admit that they look very good together ^^

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  7. NICE…. his shoes is one of a kind, nice bracelet esp the big metal one (not with spiky), love his bag too. her headphone, ow, i want ittt ^^, and the jacket, i was once designing a shirt for a girl with similiar motiv but different XD… about her shoes, i think its quite common nowadays in japan….maybe…~_~;

  8. ^-^ I bought her headphones! ok i don’t look half as cool but still amazing

  9. Her Hair!! cute!! her shoes!! awsome!! her backwards jacket!! random+amazing!!

  10. that guy looks like jungshin from cnblue :D love the girls shoes!

  11. руслан

    хуета блять!!!!мужик должен быть как мужик а не как барби!

  12. MAN!!!!!!!!!

    just digging all the dress sense of both of them, really really COOL!!!

  13. Hibiki Rush

    Looks like her headphones are WESC Chocolate Alp Horn but they are no longer being made

  14. Tauren Druid

    Quiero sus auriculares y su chaqueta!! // I want her headphones and jacket!