Joyrich Angels, Dazzlin Flowers, Rezoy & Chrome Hearts in Harajuku

These are Maho and Tatsuyoshi, a fun duo we met in Harajuku, wearing matching middle finger sunglasses.

Maho is 16 and she’s a student. She’s wearing a Dazzlin dress in floral print, with a cardigan tied on the shoulders. Her burgundy bag is from Love Drug Store (LDS), and her wedge sandals are Rezoy. She told us her accessories are from Tiffany & Co., and she gave us her Twitter handle.

Tatsuyoshi is 18 and he’s also a student. He is wearing an angel print shirt with floral shorts, both of which are from Joyrich. His studded backpack is MCM and his animal print studded sneakers are Harris Brown. He is also wearing Chrome Hearts and Robert Wan jewelry, such as earrings and a necklace. His favorite place to shop is Chrome Hearts, and you can learn more about him on Twitter.

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  1. Very Beach Chic and Beverly Hills looking! The Young Man wore the perfect Jewelry to match the angel print shirt! The dog charm puts the masculine on the backpack! High end looking sneakers! I applaud the young lady for wearing dark lipstick which completes her look with some intense color! Her look would look to soft and plain! Purse adds some more color! Love the socks that add girlie appeal! All in all the couple look’s hip and happening for any part of the world! Kool!

  2. I think it’s funny how friendly their smiles are while wearing those snarky glasses :D I like how fresh they look, like a mix of summer and spring.

  3. I agree with Ann! IT’s a very beach-chic L.A. look, but with that Japanese twist with the socks and funky shades on Maho

  4. I’ve been really seeing the triangle earrings a lot lately, does anyone know where they’re from?