Kanjani8 Fan w/ Decora Hair Clips, Rubber Duckies & Lace-up Boots in Harajuku

Sakura is a Japanese high school student we met in Harajuku recently. Her decora-influenced look – with rubber duckies headband, colorful hair clips, and face stickers – caught our eye. She is friends with fellow decora Nozomi.

Sakura is wearing a t-shirt from Olive des Olive with a pair of shorts and colorful suspenders and chains. She’s also got a Snoopy tote bag, polka dot knee socks, white platform lace-up boots, a rubber duck necklace, plastic bracelets and a googly eyes ring.

Sakura told us that she’s a fan of Kanjani 8.

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  1. I’ve seen more and more teenagers and young people dress in decora the last 6 months, so I guess the style is kind of coming back? ;u; Decora is my favorite style but there’s not a lot of people that likes or dress in it anymore wich makes me a bit sad.