Super-Kawaii Spank! Backpacks w/ Nile Perch & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku

Uji and Haruna are two kawaii girls we met in Harajuku, wearing matching shoes and girly outfits. They are students and they’re both 18.

Uji is the one to the left, wearing a ruffled top from The Virgin Mary and a matching skirt from Bodyline. Her bunny backpack is Spank! and her rocking horse shoes are Tokyo Bopper. She is also wearing a handmade bonnet-style headband. For fashion, Uji likes Keisuke Kanda and Gunifuni, whereas for music, it’s Tokyo Incidents, Ziyoou-vachi and Usotsuki Barbie that she likes.

Haruna layered a sheer piece and a pink one, both from Bodyline, with a Spank! cardigan. Her teddy backpack is also from Spank! and her shoes are Tokyo Bopper. The “I Love You” feather hair clip and the wings ring are both from Nile Perch, while her socks are from Monomania. Haruna told us she likes Keisuke Kanda and fairy kei brand Nile Perch, and that she’s also a fan of Ziyoou-vachi. You can find out more about her by following her Twitter.

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  1. Those thights are most likely self-made. I remember seeing a DIY guide somewhere, shouldn’t be very hard to find, just look for doll thights. It looked quite easy too, good luck ^^