Junnyan & Kyouka in Contrasting (Kawaii vs Gothic) Harajuku Street Styles

Here are two well-known Harajuku street fashion personalities – Junnyan on the left and Kyouka on the right. Their styles are obviously quite different, but they’re friends and are both familiar faces at Harajuku Fashion Walk (the next HFW takes place on February 23, 2013) as well as other Harjauku-centric fashion events around Tokyo.

Junnyan is wearing a colorful outfit which includes items from Super Lovers, 6%DOKIDOKI, Star Wars, and Buffalo. His furry monster bag is by Justice, and the cute pink doll is Miyamo. Check out Junnyan on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr!

Kyouka is wearing a beautiful jacket by h.Juliette/h.Naoto and platform boots from YO!YO!YOSUKE. Kyouka is on Twitter here.

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  1. あくま悪魔

    Junnyan!! Always so bright and colorful! I love the contrast between these two.

  2. Dick Fitswell

    Yeah they two posed good contrast style.

  3. Victoria Moore

    They are an amazing couple! I can see why they’re so popular. Great style.

  4. Lynnette "Cicky" Johansson

    I love that fluffy monster bag! Where can I buy one? By the way. I would like to find a guy who loves Decora Kei or simular styles. To find one where I live in Sweden is rather difficult.

  5. Wow, first time seeing them together in a photo!It’s like the superhero of a rainbow and the superhero of a storm cloud became friends and joined forces to fight bland fashion!