Kawaii Harajuku Decora Fashion w/ Hair Clips, Pinwheel & 6%DOKIDOKI

Here’s a friendly and colorful 17-year-old Harajuku decora who you may remember from our Harajuku Fashion Walk Video. She calls herself “Creamy Sauce” and she’s a big fan of Vocaloid.

Her Harajuku decora fashion features a pastel graphic top from Thank-You Mart, a shooting star-print skirt that she bought at auction, a pannier, green tights, leg warmers, and silver creepers from Shimamura. Decora accessories – some of which came from 6%DOKIDOKI & Claire’s (and others of which were handmade) – include lots and lots of colorful kawaii hair clips, “Happy Birthday” glasses, a Lego and fruits necklace, plush toys, bubble blowers, pink lace fingerless gloves, countless colorful bead bracelets, a cross ring, candy, a pinwheel, and a 6%DOKIOKI giraffe backpack.

Creamy Sauce told us that her favorite shop/brand is Harajuku’s famous center of “Kawaii Anarchy”, 6%DOKIDOKI. For more info and kawaii pics, you can follow her on Twitter!

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  1. Omg so kawii lobe it to cute to be true :-D: 3

  2. Amber Hues

    She is so cute! It inspires me to make my own kawaii jewelry!!

  3. OMG, she is ADORABLE.

    I am SO glad to see Decora is making such a large and successful comeback. It was the first Japanese style I tried. :)

  4. liking the skirt and top. and i really like the color of the tights. favorite detail: the fruit! those look like candies you can get in the u.s. that encase powder in the fruit containers. it’s quirky and it fits the childish decora feel. the outfit looks simple but the colors are bold, and the details here are very cute!