Kawaii Pastel in Harajuku w/ Denim, Plush Muffler, Candy Stripper & Syrup

Tetsuko (aka “Peco”) is an 18-year-old model with a super kawaii sense of style who we met in Harajuku. You might remember her previous snaps from summer 2013. This time, her look featured blonde and purple hair with two thin braids.

Peco is wearing a WEGO top and denim jacket with lilac denim shorts by Candy Stripper. Her lilac backpack is also from WEGO, and she bought her heart platforms from the flea market. Her muffler is Syrup, and her hearts ring is Candy Stripper.

Tetsuko is a fan of  Amoyamo, and she likes to shop at Nadia Harajuku and Candy Stripper. You can find more about her from Twitter or her blog.

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