Keisuke Kanda, Leopard Sneakers, Chanel Bag & Top Hat in Harajuku

Arare and Maanyan are two friends that we noticed in Harajuku wearing stylish outfits with fun, colorful accessories. When we stopped them for snaps, here is what we found out:

Arare is the taller of the girls, and she’s 29. She is wearing a black jersey dress from Candy Stripper with a torn denim jacket from Sly and black tights. Her studded backpack is from Memento and her leopard face sneakers are PPFM. Arare is wearing her hair in messy twin buns, with a top hat and a chunky necklace with watermelon beads. She told us she likes shopping at Ne-Net, Pin Nap and Merci Beaucoup, and that she listens to anisong and Big Bang. You can add her as a friend on Facebook, where she’s active most days.

Maanyan is a 26 year old head cashier, with blond and pastel long hair. She is wearing a white Nadia lace top and a sheer skirt from Keisuke Kanda, with black shorts showing underneath. Her white hooded jacket is also from Keisuke Kanda, and she’s carrying a vintage Chanel bucket bag. She’s got several piercings and large, pink, cross-shaped Vargas earrings, rhinestones nail art and white studded lace-up flats. Her favorite shops include Keisuke Kanda and The Virgin Mary, and her taste in music revolves around thrash and hardcore bands like NOFX, Lostprophets, New Found Glory, and Vitamin X. Maanyan can be found on Twitter as @wowchan.

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  1. Oh my god I love her Chanel purse! & tht other girl reminds me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

  2. Love the girl on the right, they both look great, but there is something about double bun, a top hat and a crazy watermelon necklace that makes me happy :’)

  3. eeehhhh! , the girl in the hat was on Kawaii Tv showing her watermelon necklaces.