Keith Haring x Reebok w/ Trolls, Nile Perch, KTZ & Barbie in Harajuku

Here are two friendly Harajuku-ites who we street-snapped on Omotesando Dori. On the left is Shunpei (aka SP), a well-known figure on the streets of Harajuku and someone whose snaps have been featured in countless Japanese fashion magazines. His friend on the right has a more colorful look with elements of fairy kei and decora.

SP is wearing a KTZ horn beret with a patterned jacket over a hoodie over a graphic top, graphic shorts, and Keith Haring x Reebok sneakers. Accessories include several large badges, a My Pet Monster bracelet, and a Trolls ring by Zaorick.

SP’s friend is wearing an outfit that features a big hair bow, a pink and silver jacket with a pink top, a lace trimmed pink skirt, kawaii bow-print Nile Perch tights, and creepers with wings and crosses. Her numerous cute accessories include items from Barbie and Nile Perch.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    This couple is so kawaii cute and sweet. I love the way they coordinated their outfits.

  2. OMG SP’s hair looks amazing and his shoes are soo boss.
    The girl reminds me of Princess Peach lol

  3. This is the kind of styles I love! *u*
    They are both looking awesome, cool, cute, colourful, a bit childish ( in a really good way ) and stylish~

    This is the kind of look that inspire me when I’m planning my own outfits and I hope that I will be able to make outfits just as cool as these one day! (^ ^)

  4. She’s so fudging adorable! And the guy has an awesome fashion sense. They look cute together