Kinji Shop Girl in Pink & Purple in Harajuku

This cute 18-year-old Japanese girl is a student and also works at the Kinji resale clothing store in Harajuku. She’s wearing a mostly pink and purple color palette that includes a Mickey & Minnie Mouse t-shirt bought resale at Kinji, a ManiaQ skirt, polkadot stockings, mint leg warmers, and pink Converse sneakers. She said that her pink watch is from Thank You Mart (another Tokyo resale store).

Her overall look definitely has aspects of the Japanese fairy kei style (and ManiaQ is popular in that scene), but she doesn’t have the extreme accessorizing that we often see with fairy kei girls. She told us that her favorite brand/shop is Kinji, and that her favorite band is the Japanese pop-punk/ska band Shaka Labbits.

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Note: This update is from a series of street snaps that were taken in the summer for a print magazine. The magazine didn’t need all of the photos, so we are running the remaining snaps here on Tokyo Fashion. Some of the styles may be more Summer than Fall, but they have never been seen before and we didn’t want them to go unpublished.

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  1. we totally used to do that with our shirts in the late 80s/early 90s! put your scrunchie on there, tie it in a knot, or we even had these little plastic circles made just for the purpose of putting your shirt corner through it! anyone remember those?

  2. I’ll need to remember that scrunchie trick next time I get an oversized shirt for my birthday~ :3

  3. I totally remember that, Jesika. Kind of freaky to see it all again, but everything old becomes new again *lol*

    Hm. I think I just called myself old.

  4. Aww…I used to dress just like that when I was in elementary school! <3

  5. CUTE!! But.. isn’t 18 too young to be dyeing her hair this color??

  6. I wonder is it fun being so adorable!? I could never pull some off this cute <3.

    @Kerry, 18 isn't to young at all.

  7. Wow!!! I love every things that she is wearing. Well… the convers & her earring Soo cute >.<

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  9. far too pink and pale- but girl is lovely
    she needs some more character in her outfit…t shirt like my old pajama is not that cool after all

  10. So cute, actually adorable. Love it and her hair is just too cute.
    This is how you should do if you wanna kill people with cuteness.

  11. agree with everyone~ super duper cute, cant stop looking, adorable, super want it in my wardrob!

  12. awww, cute! Love the leggings and skirt. And the T-shirt of course… :)

  13. Naomi❤Max

    Sooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!