Kinoko Pink is a 20 year old indie Japanese fashion designer who we see around Harajuku frequently. His style is colorful and unique, which means that he’s easy to spot on the street.

Kinoko Pink is wearing a manga-print top from Veveroparuuu over a long sleeve and hand warmers. His hair is pink, worn with a backwards cap and a polka dot face mask. He’s also wearing colorful shorts over colorful leggings, with Nike sneakers. His accessories include a chunky, colorful scarf, a chain necklace, earrings, a small silver ring, and a backpack that’s customized with lots of pins and badges. He told us he got some of his accessories from Merci Beaucoup.

His favorite designer? Kinoko Pink, of course! Find him on Twitter for more info.

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  1. Yeah! Perfectly put together.
    I would SO buy stuff he designs.

  2. Psychedelic Carnival

    His shirt….XD I’d be like “mommy look he got naked girls on his back XD”