Kumamiki’s Harajuku Style w/ Party Baby, 6%DOKIDOKI, Spank & Shojono Tomo

Here’s someone that should be very familiar to regular readers of Tokyo Fashion – it’s the always-fabulous Kumamiki! Kumamiki is one of the organizers of Harajuku Fashion Walk as well as being the designer of her own indie Japanese fashion brand Party Baby.

Kumamiki’s outfit features a dress from Harajuku’s 6%DOKIDOKI under a long sheer coat that she purchased resale, a pink belt, polka dot stockings, and pink Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Kumamiki is known for her ability to accessorize to the extreme, and this look is no exception! Accessories here include a cute bow in her bright pink hair, Vivienne Westwood bow-and-heart earrings, a 6%DOKIDOKI shooting star necklace, a bracelet from 1980s favorite Spank!, several rings (some of which came from Party Baby), and lots of manga pins (some of which say “Betty’s Blue”). Kumamiki’s large illustrated bag is by the Japanese artist Shojono Tomo.

Kumamiki’s favorite things include music by Yuki and the Harajuku fashion brand/shop 6%DOKIDOKI. If you’d like to know more about Kumamiki, check out her blog, Twitter, or the HFW website.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I really like the accessories and the colour pallet! :D

  2. Very cute. :]

    I’ve noticed in Japan, polka dot stockings are definitely in. I see everyone wearing it now!

  3. Everything is so well coordinated! Nothing looks out of place, which is surprising. I also LOVE her shoes, and I usually don’t like rocking horses! <3

  4. LovelySugar

    Omigod!!! She’s so amazing I can’t even handle it!!! <3333

  5. I LOVE her outfit! *0*// , I like it so much :D !!

  6. kinako milk

    luffly! the chibi dinosaur ring makes me chuckle (^▽^)

  7. Vivien westwood shoes, i am sooo jelous, we only have ‘fake’ and cork versions… :( boooo….

    Love the Decora Look… i have pink hair myself, big fan, Think we should have a England Fasion site but i guess people dont care as much here and just look at us that dress unique as wierdos, but hey, its good to be different! <3

  8. Shojono Tomo, you should sell that big here in England, NORTHERN england as well as london, were up in the northern parts here, county durham etc. I am an artist and photographer and i LOVE graffiti, so that bag would be a favourite, i think we have a lot of people who are fans or graffiti and art here so it would be popular <3

  9. OMG!!!! shes so pretty n…..n……IDK WAT TO SAY!!! XD