Kurebayashi & Ring Kato, Japanese Magazine Models in Harajuku

Here are two stylish and cute Japanese artists and models who we snapped in Harajuku. On the left is Ring Kato. He told us he is a “creator and visual artist” as well as a model featured in CHOKiCHOKi and other fashion magazines. On the right is the one-and-only Kurebayashi, who we’ve been photographing for several years and is now a popular Kera Magazine model.

Kurebayashi, a painter as well as a model, is wearing a fuzzy pink hoodie with cute rabbit-ear pockets from Fat Cat over a blue knit top with Gola, a pink plaid Japanese school uniform skirt from Rose Fan Fan, cute white socks with a colorful print, and heart-print pink platform high-top sneakers from Swimmer. Her accessories – many of which came from 6%DOKIDOKI in Harajuku – include a cat-head (or wolf?) hat, star and bow hair clips, a large jewel-incrusted bow, a cute sparkling character necklace, and a fun backpack from W&LT. Kurebayashi told us her favorite brand is 6%DOKIDOKI and her favorite band is Sex Android. If you’d like to know more about Kurebayashi’s fashion or art, please check out her blog.

Ring Kato is wearing a red resale toggle coat over an umbrella-print shirt, wide leg Merci Beaucoup pants, green-and-purple polka dot socks, and leather Full Life shoes. His accessories include glasses, a school uniform-esque scarf, and a remake (hand-modified) paint splattered backpack. Ring’s favorite brand is Frapbois and his favorite musician is Cornelius. If you’d like to see more pictures of Ring, you can take a look at his blog.

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  1. Waaooow :) Kurebayashi Is so cute I love her style!! <3 And Ring Kato is so swish and stylish I adore his outfit!! ;) Amazing pair! <3 thank you Tokyo Fashion! <3 xx

  2. They look adorable <3 I really love the style, especially those pink shoes *___* so cute, would buy them if I had any chance to do so ;)

  3. You can see the mori and gyaru moms in the background of one of the pictures!

    Otherwise cute style!

  4. Also amused to see the ladies with the babies in the background :)