Lace Dolly Kei-influenced Resale Fashion in Harajuku

Here are two stylish Japanese 18-year-old girls, photographed on the streets of Harajuku. Both girls are fans of resale/vintage fashion, and we definitely sense some Dolly Kei influence here, as you can see in the pictures.

On the left is Azusa. Azusa’s outfit includes a lacy blouse from the Tokyo resale shop Chicago over a long lace dress from Kinji (another resale shop), and espadrilles (slippers) with ribbon bows that she she bought at a “local store”. Her accessories include a lace hair bow, a doll parts necklace, a cross-with-googly-eyes necklace by the indie Japanese brand MEtA, various charms, a Marc Jacobs flower ring, and a bag from Harajuku’s Nadia boutique.

Azusa told us that her favorite shops/brands are The Virgin Mary, Grimoire, and Kinji. As far as music, she likes to listen to the soothing sounds of Sheena Ringo and Marilyn Manson.

On the right is Shira, a student at Tokyo’s famous Bunka Fashion College. Shira’s look is similar in some ways, but she’s added a bit more color to the mix. Her outfit includes layered lace tops, an embroidered skirt from New York Joe Exchange, and penny loafers from the resale/vintage shop Fizz. Her accessories include a leather belt, a vintage-style ring, a Capybara-san plush charm, and an eco bag that she got for free. She said that some of her accessories came from a handmade shop in Shimokitazawa, but she didn’t say which ones (more likely the ring than the Capybara).

Shira’s favorite fashion shop is Fizz, her favorite type of music is Anison, and her favorite band is the one-and-only Ling Tosite Sigure (the crew are big fans as well).

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I love that crucifix!<3 theyre really popular right now.

  2. The skirt!!! the peach one on the right!!! i love it!