Lace-up Boots & Leather Jackets with Hat & Shawl

These girls that we met in Harajuku have a style that we think of as “neo-punk.” On the left is Kinako, a 16-year-old junior high school student. Her outfit, which includes a short black leather jacket, a graphic t-shirt, a lace-up corset and a short black skirt, is mostly from Thank-You Mart. Her black patent-leather lace-up boots are from Pageboy. Wearing one red stocking and one black adds some unique appeal, as do her skeleton gloves. Her fabric tote bag is from Kinsella.

Kinako told us her favorite shops are Thank-You Mart and Chicago. Her favorite bands are Hadouken and Zebrahead.

Kinako’s friend on the right with a gray felt hat is Sumida, a 17-year-old high school student. She’s wearing a blue ruffled blouse from Sevens with a black leather jacket and red shawl. She’s also wearing a striped skirt, fishnet stockings and Dr. Martens boots. Her bag is also from Kinsella. Sumida’s accessories, from Nadia, Bunkaya Zakkaten and Thank-You Mart. include 3 rock-n-roll buttons, 2 keys and a lock on a leather necklace and a pair of decorated handcuffs hanging on her bag.

Sumida’s favorite shops and brands are Ne-Net, Kinsella, Nadia and G2? She likes the music of Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine and Bring Me the Horizon.
Lace-up Boots & Leather Jackets with Hat & Shawl

Leather jacket & corset

Bob haircut & fruit earring

Kinsella tote bag

Skeleton bag

Pageboy boots with red & black stockings

Seven blouse & red shawl

Grey felt hat

Bag with decorated handcuffs

Red nails

Dr. Martens boots

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  1. I love the corset over the kiss tee shirt! And the skeleton gloves! These girls have great style.

  2. Japanese fashion ..creativeness knows no bound….

  3. Ahhhh they both have good music taste :D
    Plus they’re both really cute.
    I like the black and red stockings in particular actually.

  4. Two-tone when it comes to leggings is always an instant hit with me. ^^
    I love all the colour the girl on the right is mixing and matching. It really works well! ^-^