Lacey Dress, Blue Boy Locket & Brown Loafers

This cute Japanese girl dressed in the Dolly-kei style is a first-year college student named Katie. Her lace-trimmed dress is from a shop in the Shimokitazawa area of Tokyo. Her small vintage leather case is also from that area. Her accessories from Virgin Mary include a gold tassel and a large gold locket containing an image of the famous “Blue Boy” painting. She also has a small gold purse attached to a chain.

Katie’s flowered headband is from the Tarock resale store. She told us her classic brown loafer shoes are hand-me-downs.

We asked Katie what her favorite shop is and she said Tarock. Her favorite music artist is Wolfgang Gartner.
Japanese girl with lacey dress & brown loafers

Dolly-kei lacey dress

Tarock flowered headband

Blue boy locket & gold tassel

Vintage leather case from Shimokitazawa area of Tokyo

Lace anklets and brown penny loafers

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  1. She looks absolutely adorable! I love her outfit so much. Really creative. ♥

  2. ispeakasianese

    napolean?? lol (; thats cute
    i wish they had grabbed the man in the traditional attire at the back D:

  3. very Bellisima and i love the fashion ..very perfact…………..

  4. Monica Quentine

    wow , so adorable! i love her outfit :]

  5. I see small pictures like the Little Boy Blue one that she is wearing as a necklace (it’s not a locket by the way, lockets open up and close) all the time at thrift stores. I’ve never once thought of wearing them as a pendant on a necklace. Or it could be turned into a pin and worn on a jacket or pinned to a purse. Hmm….new ideas.