Lavender-Pink Hair, Bustier Top, Leather Skirt & Platforms in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish 18-year-old Japanese student named Miyu who we photographed near Bubbles Harajuku. Her pretty lavender-pink hairstyle is one of the most eye-catching elements of this look.

Miyu is wearing a white lace bustier top over a black lace top from Forever 21, a black leather skirt that she picked up resale, graphic socks, and rocking horse shoes from Body Line. Accessories – many of which came from Bubbles Harajuku – include large cross earrings, a tattoo necklace, a prayer/saints bracelet, a pearl bracelet, a large vintage ring, and an American Apparel canvas bag with a stuffed Pegasus charm.

Miyu told us that her favorite shop is Bubbles and her favorite band right now is Ellegarden. If you’d like to know more about her – and see more picture of her fashion – check out Miyu’s personal Twitter.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. her face really is cute. i like that she’s pouting

  2. I’ll be glad when this cross fad is over…

  3. Looks like she’s trying to imitate Juria! hmm…

  4. Dreaded Queen

    Lavendar hair is officially trending lol. Love the pouty face and shoes. The rocking horses r holding strong and I like this variation with the ribbon laces. Also like the sheer socks. That crooked corset isn’t working for me though