Leopard Print & Dr. Martens Mary Janes in Harajuku

Meet Yuuka, a 20-year-old Japanese college student wearing an outfit put together almost entirely from resale items – most which feature animal or floral prints.

Yuuka’s light zip-up jacket features a floral watercolor print, her shorts and leggings are both leopard print, and her ruffle socks alternate back to floral. She’s also wearing Dr. Martens Mary Janes. Her accessories include a handmade quilted bag with small figures and flowers attached to it, several rings, a colorful bracelet, and colorful clips and ties in her short blonde hair.

When we asked Yuuka about music, she said that The High-Lows are her favorite band.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. this outfit just doesnt blend. The top and bottom are 2 different outfits…im srry one of the worst examples of “style”.

  2. in Japan there is no concept of style because everyone creates their own way to express yourself. This makes each look, worthy of note as it is eccentric

  3. Auntie Aku

    That’s so…80’s. Dunno about the top and bottom fitting, but her nails are awesome. I’ve been looking for a nailpolish of that exact fluorecending yellowish green for ages!

  4. “no concept of style” is just an excuse. I mean sure everyone’s free to dress as they want, especially in Japan, but personally I’d pay a little more attention that I don’t look like a total dork. :P The jacket really is a bit too much.

  5. People, what´s up with all this hating…? XD If you don´t like that type of style, what makes you follow this page? About 89% of all the styles here look that way. I always thought that´s the point of Japanese fashion. If you ask me, most of the outfits here are far from pleasing to the eye, but they are a wonderful visual statement. They are self- expression and they are bold. I´d chose any of these outfits to a boring shirt and jeans outfit. And I bet few of the haters here would dare to wear something like that.
    But on a personal basis I really prefer looks that are a little less “a drug- dream exploded inside of my wardrobe”. But I guess that´s just the charm and lifestyle of Harajuku.

  6. Top half is really nice love teh hair and makeup, dont link the tights and
    shoes. The nails ‘you did them wrong… girl friend…’

  7. I like those leggings, otherwise that look is bit weird