Life’s a Beach Pants & Beret w/ Ear Spike in Harajuku

2gumoto is a 21-year-old beautician who’s put together a cool look from a variety of prints. He’s wearing a track jacket from Disney over a Stussy t-shirt. His pants and beret, which are printed with dollar bills, are from Life’s a Beach. His graphic sneakers are from Vans.

Accessories include a bandana around his neck and a Stussy bag. He also has a large spike in his ear and a piercing below his lip.

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  1. Aha, this is very super interesting.
    I like his plug and I wouldn’t mind some electric pants like those.

  2. Fascinating it’s hard to get away with this sort of thing in the States….I love Japanese fashion freedom ahahah

  3. I love his outfit, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on pretty much everything he’s wearing :Q____