“Dead Girl” Lisa in Harajuku w/ Pink-Purple Hair & Kreepsville 666

Here’s someone who we are always happy to see in Harajuku: it’s Lisa! She’s a friendly pink-haired guitar-playing English-speaking Japanese high school student. Besides all of the street snaps she’s had published, you might also recognize her from the recent Pop N Cute Halloween Party.

Lisa is wearing a studded black coat over a graphic top, a Kreepsville 666 “Dead Girl” tulle skirt, skeleton tights, and platform boots with big spikes on them. Accessories – some of which also came from Kreepsville 666 – include eyeball hair bows, a razor blade necklace, a cross necklace, skeleton hands necklace, a punk belt, and a green leather Kreepsville 666 purse.

Lisa is a fan of hard rock music including Hide, Wednesday 13, Slipknot, Murderdolls, Marilyn Manson and even some death metal. Her favorite fashion brands include LEMONed & Kreepsville 666. If you’d like to know more about Lisa, you can check out her personal Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram – where she posts new pics every day!

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  1. That jacket really balances it out well. Cooooooool!

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Awww Lisa not the Devils num!!! That’s like wearing 444 .

  3. I love Lisa! Follow her blog for ages now and always happy to see her *-*

  4. I love her style sooo much!!! She totally represents all of her (and my) favourite musicians!!!!!