Listen Flavor Cat Jacket, Blue-Pink Twintails & Eyeball Teddy Bear in Harajuku

We see Mana around Harajuku quite often (here is a snap from last year), and her personal style is always colorful, quirky, and fun. She works at the popular Harajuku boutique Listen Flavor, just off of Takeshita Dori.

Mana’s outfit – which came mostly from Listen Flavor – features a kitty cat print silk jacket over a polka dot hoodie over a graphic top, a print skirt, unicorn-print knee-high socks, and studded boots. Accessories include a spike headband, a painted teddy bear & eyeball bow chain necklace, a backpack (with creatures peaking out of one pocket), and several bracelets and rings. Her pink-blue twintails hairstyle is also a major part of the look.

Mana’s favorite band is Baroque. If you’d like to know more about her – and see more pictures of her – please check out the official Listen Flavor Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. She is so beautiful, I love how she layers clothes and that skirt is so cool!

  2. I love Mana’s style. She radiates a buzzy, futuristic neon glow. Cute, Sexy, Pretty!!

  3. angie sans

    I saw this gal another times in this web