Loco Mack’s Key In Leather Pants w/ Chanel earrings & Betty Boop Nail Art

You might remember Key our street snaps earlier this year, and for being a singer in the Japanese dance-pop group Loco Mack.

Key is wearing a resale red cardigan with a large, petal collar, and leather (or faux leather) pants from So What? Her simple, black bag is Goocy, and her ankle boots are a resale. Her gold, large earrings are Chanel and the ring is Forever21. Key’s added a touch of fun to the look with Betty Boop nail art.

As far as fashion brands, Key told us that two of her favorites are So What? and Joyrich. Her favorite music is by P!nk, Christina Aguilera, 2NE1 and, of course, her own band, Loco Mack.


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  1. Tyanna Nash

    I love Tokyo fashion because of this magazine.

  2. BungeeGam

    awesome,,,i hate how the pants look like in the abdomen part, it’s saggy.