macromauro Backpacks, Hatra, Keisuke Yoneda & merci beaucoup in Harajuku

Meet Nyokki and Kero, two students wearing mostly white fashion who we spotted in Harajuku. 

Nyokki – 19 years old – is wearing a an oversized hoodie from Hatra with Keisuke Yoneda wide leg shorts. His backpack is macromauro, while his fringe shoes are Ne-net (tied with red ribbons). He is also wearing geometric earrings. Nyokki told us he likes the brands Hatra and Ohta, and that he’s a fan of People in the Box.

20-year-old Kero is wearing a shirt dress from merci beaucoup with a white coat. Her backpack is also from macromauro and her sneakers are New Balance. She is wearing the same earrings as Nyokki, in addition to a hand-shaped earring. She mentioned Aiko as her favorite band and A-Net as her favorite brand.

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  1. Iam in love with the simplicity of the girls outfit and the blue design on the boys Hatra coat. I wish Hatra would open an international shop :,(