Mademoiselle Yulia in Jeremy Scott & GIZA on the street in Harajuku w/ KTZ’s Mathew

We did a double take when we spotted Mademoiselle Yulia walking on Cat Street in Harajuku. Mademoiselle Yulia is a fashion designer (GIZA), singer, DJ, model, and all around Tokyo style icon. Her friend Mathew works for the super-popular-on-the-streets-of-Tokyo fashion brand KTZ.

Mademoiselle Yulia is wearing a Pyrex t-shirt with Jeremy Scott printed leggings, and a black and white bomber jacket. Her hair is lilac and blue, with a cap and bandana. Her tiger print, faux fur backpack is from Nazir Mazhar, while her heels are Versace. She told us her accessories are from her own brand GIZA. Yulia’s favorite brands are KTZ and GIZA and you can find her on Twitter.

Mathew’s wearing a printed t-shirt and backpack from KTZ. He is also wearing over the knee shorts, Balenciaga sneakers and a cap. He told us his accessories are Rick Owens. As for his favorite brands, he also likes KTZ and GIZA. You can find him on Instagram for more pics.

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  1. I love how she’s not just ‘Yulia’ she’s ‘Mademoiselle Yulia’ and she’s also very pretty. Love that expression of hers where she looks like she’s smiling/smirking