Maimai’s Rainbow Decora Hair & Fashion (+ Trolls) in Harajuku

Here’s a well-known Harajuku girl, and someone whose rainbow decora style means that you can never miss her around the streets of Tokyo – it’s Maimai!

Maimai is wearing a colorful knit sweater over a polka dot top with polka dot shorts, striped tights, and colorful sneakers with green & pink laces. Accessories include cute decora star hair clips in Maimai’s rainbow double bun hairstyle, rainbow hair bows, and an awesome customized troll backpack (it’s one of her trademark items) with several charms (including Sponge Bob).

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  1. ah the lighting looks so good! nice night time camera work!

  2. Goes together well,pulled off perfectltperfectly

    Is there an emoticon for “throwing up rainbows”? It’s what I’m doing now :D:D:D