Here is someone very well known to fans of Harajuku street fashion – it’s Manapyon! Manapyon works at the Kinji resale shop in Harajuku. Her unique sense of style has been featured in just about every Harajuku-friendly Japanese fashion magazine in existence. We see Manapyon walking around the neighborhood often and she always looks amazing.

Manapyon is wearing a frilly apron from MXE over a pretty tiered dress with sheer elements, white stocking, ruffle socks, and white bow-decorated platform shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Accessories include a handmade brooch and katyusha hair decoration (both from the Japanese indie brand MXE), a fur collar, a pink fox tail, and a cute Hello Kitty bag from Sanrio Puroland. Manapyon told us that her favorite fashion brand is the Dolly Kei/Cult Party Kei favorite MXE.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. wow
    her hairs, her shoes and her whole outfit looks great!
    she has such a pretty face and the make up matchs perfect with her outfit
    i love it!

  2. I feel like I’m seeing Manapyon everywhere, and I can’t get enough!<3 every outfit she wears is so seamless and effortlessly put together(゜◇゜)

  3. Harold Dodd

    Now if she had just unleashed a smile on us, and add a Kawaii pout, these pics would be P E R F E C T!

  4. I really LOVE Manapyon, her style is different and unique! she´s so natural, Also is cute ^_^. I´m her fan
    Tokyo fashion should snap her more often