Marina in Harajuku w/ Blue Hair, Spikes, Studs & Piercings

Here is someone we’ve been photographing for a while now, and one of our current favorite Harajuku street snap girls – it’s Marina! Marina is 18 years old and attending fashion college in Tokyo. She was recently featured in the Nicola Formichetti “Future Fashion” art show at Isetan Shinjuku. She also has her own indie fashion brand called “Pussy Noize”. We snapped Marina in front of Bubbles Harajuku.

Marina is wearing a Chicago Bulls cap, a heavily customized “Rockabilly Freakout” t-shirt, a long black skirt, tiger tights, and studded Converse sneakers. Accessories include a metal choker, a leather bracelet, a metal ring, a vintage-style digital watch, and a leather shoulder bag with huge metal spikes, punk buttons, and a character charm. A key part of Marina’s overall look is her extensive body modifications – including nose and face piercings, gauged ears, a split tongue, and sternum piercings.

If you’d like to know more about Marina and her indie fashion brand, check out her personal blog.

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  1. What is wrong with a split tongue? it’s another body modification, same as a piercing or tattoo.