Marina in Harajuku w/ Body Piercings, Colorful Fashion & Pink Hair

Here’s a unique girl who we’ve been street snapping for quite a while now – and someone whose body piercings definitely put her on the edgy end of Harajuku street fashion: it’s Marina! If the face looks familiar but not the name, that’s because she used to be known as “Kyuri” but now prefers Marina. It’s not uncommon for young people in Harajuku to evolve and re-invent themselves over time, and we’re happy to call people whatever name (or nickname) they choose for themselves. Even Kyary wasn’t born “Kyary”.

Marina is wearing a vintage cropped tie-dye Aerosmith t-shirt with sheer underneath, a long neon yellow skirt with black netting, and Reebok sneakers. Accessories include her pretty flower headpiece, lots of ear piercings and a gauge earring, an eyebrow piercing, a nose piercing, a vertical labret piercing, a chunky metal ring, a pink star ring, two colorful tattoo rings, a star necklace, and her pink Our Lady of Guadalupe bag (which we have seen once before).

One of our readers created a beautiful illustration of Marina based on one of her previous Harajuku street snaps. Check out the artwork on Marina’s official Facebook page.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. The hair-band fits perfect with the colour of her hair! I love her nail polish and the bag…
    I’ve never seen eyebrow piercings like she got them… crazy stuff :)

  2. I love her piercings, especially the eyebrows. She would look so amazing in socks and sandals!