Maximum the Hormone Girl vs. Chatmonchy Guy Street Fashion

This cute Japanese girl and guy – both 19-year-old students – were photographed near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The girl with the big smile is wearing a knit beanie with a nice knit poncho, shorts, stockings, and boots. Her bag choice is a furry handbag. She said that part of her outfit came from Kinji which, along with Hanjiro, is one of her favorite shops.

The guy is wearing a newsboy hat, glasses, a gray hoodie from Uniqlo, a button-up shirt with a guitar on it, cargo pants, and sneakers. His backpack is from the brand B.C.+ISHUTAL. Part of his outfit is also from Hanjiro, and his favorite shops are also Kinji and Hanjiro (awwww, cute.)

When we asked them about music, the girl said her favorite band is Maximum the Hormone (RAWR!) and the guy said he likes Chatmonchy and Yui.

Cute Japanese Guy & Girl Fashion

Uniqlo Hoodie & Newsboy Hat

Knit Poncho & Beanie Girl

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  1. omg i love those beanies ,
    where do you get it ?
    im in aus and its like no where ):

  2. They totally compliment each other with the shades of brown!
    Don;t know if they’re a couple but there fashion senses would mix beautifully in their kid XD
    The girl’s Poncho is great and the guys hat is sweet <3

  3. dillmockingbird

    I want the girl’s shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guy’s shirt is sooooo cool O: gurl is just cute overall.
    both of them r very cute(:

  5. i absolutely adore the girl’s outfit <3 very cute.